Passionate Pursuit

Ladies, join us every first Thursday of the month. Come and enjoy hors d’oeuvres, uplifting music and a transforming message as Natalie Nichols, founder of Shades of Grace Ministries, shares an...
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Night of Miracle Prayer

February 4, 2010 Sometimes in life, we face problems so big that we need God’s supernatural help. It may be for an illness in your body; it may be for a domestic problem; it may be for a...
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Fasting Day 21: Kings and Priests – Praying with Authority

God has given us—His disciples, His people—authority by which we determine the destinies of people, of nations and governments. He expects us to use this authority for His glory and our good. If we...
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Fasting Day 20: Three Promised Results

Do you desire a fresh touch from God? Do you want your children to be anointed men and women of God? Are you suffering financially? The book of Joel holds three key insights for you. Fasting Breaks...
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Fasting Day 19: Breaking Bondage (The Disciple’s Fast)

Are there secret sins from which you cannot get free, no matter how hard you try or how many times you confess? God desires to set you free. He has established a path to freedom for you — a path of...
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Fasting Day 18: Health and Healing, The Daniel Fast

Do you want to live healthier and make healthy choices in your eating? Do you need healing for a specific condition? “Is this not the fast that I have chosen…[that] your healing shall spring forth...
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Fasting Day 17: Breaking Negative Emotional Habits

Do you have a habit of being negative – a habit of seeing the glass half empty? Are you plagued by frequent despair and despondency? Are you so focused on yourself and your problems that you...
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Fasting Day 16: Targeting Decisions (The Saint Paul Fast)

Are you facing decisions this month, this year – things for which you need wisdom and direction? Life presents major decisions that are crucial to our future. Decisions can impact our destinies. We...
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Fasting Day 15: Lives of Influence

Do you want to be a faithful witness? Do you want the light of Christ within you to affect those around you? Do you want to be a greater influence for Christ on your job, in your family, your church,...
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