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Spiritual FAQ’s

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Suffering / Natalie’s Illness :

  • “Have you ever asked God, ‘Why Me?'” – Listen here.
  • “How did you deal with the fact that your loved ones had to sacrifice so much in order to take care of you?” – Listen here.

Suffering / Adversity

  • “How do I find contentment and thanksgiving in suffering?” Read Part 1 here. Read Part 2 here.
  • “I see that in your blog post My Surprise Visitor, you use the term ‘God, in His Sovereignty, allowed…’ Can you help me understand this? A pastor from my former church preached on God’s sovereignty being the reason he had cancer and accepting his fate as Gods will for his life. He died not long after this in 2007. I felt hopeless and depressed as I listened to him. Why would God do this to him? Should I accept ALS as my fate and just stop believing for divine healing and promises to made to me? I began to waver in faith…. You seem so balanced Natalie, please help me!!” ~ Read here.
  • “How do I overcome adversity?”  ~ Read the series here.
  • “What does God’s “sovereignty” mean? What effect should it have upon me?” ~ Read here.
  • “Do God and Satan alternate shifts controlling the world…and my life?” ~ Read here.
  • “Is God sovereign over ‘accidents’?” ~ Read here.
  • “Why does God tolerate suffering? Does He enjoy making people hurt?” ~ Read here.
  • “How can God be good and loving and let suffering exist in my life?”  ~ Read here.
  • “Why does God allow suffering? Is there some redeeming purpose I don’t know about?”  ~ Read Part 1 here. Read Part 2 here. Read Part 3 here.
  • “God could change all of this heartache and suffering in my life…but He won’t. Is He a cosmic sadist? Does He enjoy seeing me suffer?” ~ Read here.
  • “I have a friend with ALS. What would you recommend to encourage him?” Watch Walking Through the Valley: The Scott Brodie Story here.

Fasting FAQs

  • “I’m writing to seek clarification regarding full fasting as I’m thinking about Pursuit 21 and my plans to go 21 days. I was thinking that a full fast was only water. However, you note that juice and broth are OK. I’m currently doing a 5-day fast. I wanted to go water only but seemed to struggle. I therefore drink only water during the day but take 1/2 cup of diluted grape juice or chicken broth at 5 p.m. I particularly enjoy the broth but also feel guilty that I’m compromising. I will be glad if you can shed some light on this.” ~ Read here.


  • “God gave me a personal promise about an issue in my life. Do I still pray about it?” ~ Read here.
  • “How do I pray for lost loved ones?” ~ Read here.
  • “I’m going through a dry season spiritually. How can I increase my spiritual thirst?” Read here.

Christian Living

  • “I’m worried and anxious. How do I find peace?” ~ Read here.