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A Prayer of Pursuit


Natalie’s Journey


Video Interviews

Life today with James and Betty Robison

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First Things with Suellen Roberts

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Alfa Omega TV – Timisoara, Romania

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Audio Interviews

Point of View with Carmen Pate

Natalie Remembers The Years Of Cognitive Destruction

Glimpses of Glory

Lives of Value

The Blessing In Disguise

Natalie’s Caretakers Sacrifice


The Matter at Hand

Part 1

Part 2


Shades of Grace Programs


Audio Messages from Natalie

Package of Pure Gold:
Knowing Christ Intimately (Natalie’s Personal Testimony)


Download “Package of Pure Gold”


“Package of Pure Gold” – Topical Segments

The Real Miracle

Package of Pure Gold

God’s Word at Work Through Personal Promise

God’s Word at Work Through Powerful Precepts

“Package of Pure Gold” Entire Speaking Session


Audio Messages on Faith

Faith for the Supernatural:
Living by God’s Promise and Power

Message #1: Consider the Loaves

Message #2: Don’t Flake Out! Get Rid of the Fake Out

Message #3: By Way of Mouth


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Audio Messages on Fasting

On Target:
How Fasting Centers You in God’s Will and Purpose


The Missing Link:
Discover the Key to Breakthrough & Blessing


Returning in Power




Audio Messages: Prayer, Fasting & Faith

Going Deeper:
The Path to More of Heaven’s Glories Here on Earth

Message #1: Something More

Message #2: Unbelief: Not Just a Hindrance to Going Deeper


Various Topics

Have you ever asked God, “Why me?”

How did you deal with the fact that your loved ones had to sacrifice so much in order to take care of you?


Audio Messages from Sandra


“A Mother’s Heart” – Sandra’s Testimony

How Did You Survive It As A Mother?

It’s A Girl, Mark 11:24

“The Challenge To Sandra’s Faith In God’s Promises”

“A Spiritual Heritage”

“Andi Leigh Allen”

“He Loved Her Much, Much More”

“Truth From A Texan”



Recommended Listening:

Sermons from David Wilkerson


A Call to Anguish



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The Window of Faith



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Why Is It So Hard for Christians to Pray?


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The Ultimate Test of Faith




The Ever Increasing Demands of Faith




The Touch of God



The Touch of God – Moses



For more sermons from David Wilkerson and  Times Square Church, see their sermon page here.



* Times Square Church sermons used by permission of Times Square Church