Pursuit 21 Testimonies

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst
for righteousness, for they will be filled.”
Matthew 5:6

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“After the death of my four-month-old baby, my only child, God connected me to your ministry. Your updates, your fasting archives, and testimonies have seen me through the darkest days of my life.

“Fasting and prayer had suddenly become such a pleasure and I started to anguish before the Lord. I learned to say no to king stomach and yes to the Holy Spirit.

“Natalie, soon after the death of my baby girl, Trileah, I started to fast and seek the Lord in all earnestness and diligence. I started to eat of your website which caused me to hunger more and more after the heart of God.

“Amidst seven months of grief and heartache, I fasted and held onto the hem of His garment. At the end of the seventh month, I found out I’m five weeks pregnant. Oh the beauty of our God! Oh what a loving and kind God. I not only conceived but found indescribable intimacy with Jesus. I got to know Him as my everything.

“Shades of Grace once again saw me through nine months of pregnancy. Wow, what a journey it’s been. I would not have made it had it not been for our Lord and Saviour.

“On the 19th March 2013, little Trinity Hope was born. She is such a blessing and perfectly healthy just like I asked of the Lord.

“Thank you, Jesus.

“Thank you Natalie and Shades of Grace Ministry.

“May God enrich and empower you through his word even more now than ever and continue to use you in the lives of others.

“You are a blessing!!!

“God Bless”

 — Rani

“I couldn’t wait to tell you about my fast. It’s all finally clicked for me about fasting. A few days ago, I was praying about a specific need and even though I was already fasting, I felt strongly led to fast the next day with juice only. I called a friend and begged her to pray for me because I was sure I would fail the next day by only drinking juice.

“Well the Lord was with me through it all—and not only did I succeed through HIM alone, but HE blessed me through it all. He spoke to me so boldly and He made himself so clear to me throughout the entire day. I rushed home after work and sat with the lord for over an hour. To sit still with Him was amazing, I had no idea what to pray for and I told him that. He heard my cry and He prayed through me. I have never felt this from him before and I just feel a new strength because of HIM. It was the most amazing experience I have ever had thus far.

“Thank you for leading us through this fast. I totally get fasting now—it’s so awesome! I can’t wait to see what else he is going to do.”


“Our church is fasting later this year, but I felt led to fast with Pursuit 21 for three days, fasting the first day with juice only. Increased income was one of my husband’s and my greatest needs. When my husband took his current job, his salary was decreased. As a result, we have gone into debt. This was one of my chief reasons for fasting.

“I can’t wait to tell you what happened! On the first day I began my fast, my husband went to pick up his paycheck … and discovered he’d been given a raise! So much of a raise that he took a picture of the check and sent it to me in a text message!! This means we’ll no longer need credit to cover our monthly expenses! We won’t be going further into debt!

“Then, on top of that, the woman I babysit for came by and said she needs me more often. I had been keeping her child two days a week, and even then for only a few hours. The same day my husband received a raise, the child’s mom came by and said that due to increased demands on her time she needs me five days a week! This is extra income.

“All of my income can now go toward paying off our debt! Praise the Lord! He surpassed my highest expectations—and on the first day of my fast!”


“I just wanted to share with you that my husband was encouraged to participate in the fasting and prayer as well. He did his fast successfully last week!!! He said that he felt it was an especially close time with God! Praying and fasting is definitely something that our family will participate in from now on. I am doing a partial fast for the 21 days.I find that I am going to God so much more in prayer during the day. It is quite an exhilarating experience!!! Thank you again for sharing this message with us. As you can see, it reaches even further out than just the ladies that attend the PP meetings. Had I not attended that night, then I never would have come home with the exciting news that also encouraged my husband to go forward with something that had already been resting on his heart. I feel God is blessing us all with His true word!”


“Natalie God’s timing always blows my mind. I pulled info about fasting off the internet before Christmas then was so encouraged after Thursday night to begin praying about doing it and lo and behold, today my husband expresses an interest in it. I went and bought the fasting book. Can’t wait to dive in and get a better understanding.”


“I have been following your blogs about fasting and wanted you to know they are so wonderful and encouraging through this fast.”


“We belong to a new, small church. Our pastor is teaching on fasting. Your insights have been helpful to me in explaining to so many in our group who find this idea a whole new concept. Thanks for the teaching!”


“Thank you so much for your prayers. I can definitely feel them and sense God’s presence. Last night [Fasting Prayer Meeting] (Jan. 28) was a special time for me and for all of us as we prayed together. I have a knowing that God will answer our prayers!”


“The service last Thursday was ‘Powerful, dynamic and so anointed’. I realize that I definitely was lead by God to be there at that meeting. I was suppose to work that day…God had other plans. Praise Him. I definitely was convicted that night to start the fast. And, HE has been so faithful and has given me the strength and power to ‘stick with it’. Praise the Lord. So thank you Natalie and I can hardly wait to ‘see the results’. I KNOW THEY WILL HAPPEN. PRAISE GOD.”

 Betty M.

“I have appreciated what you have shared on fasting and the different resources you have mentioned. About a month ago, I began feeling like in addition to the ‘extra’ praying I was doing for my dad concerning his cancer and treatments, that God was urging me to fast 2 days a week as part of my prayer time for Dad…. As I read your experiences and encouragement, I felt the Father ask me again to do this for my dad as a act of love and obedience. So for a couple of weeks now, I have added this to my weekly routine. Whether it affects God answering my prayers for my dad’s physical needs or not, I feel a renewing of my peace and joy from my obedience. In addition, my dad says he has had no side effects from his radiation treatments so far and he claims that as an answer to prayer–as do I. Thanks for your encouragement and willingness to speak to us from what the Father has given you.”


“I attended the Night of Miracle Prayer at the close of Pursuit 21. Even though it was the last day of your fast, I was so moved that I began a 21-day fast the next day.  I read your fasting blog posts daily.  As you referenced scripture passages, I would turn to them in my Bible. (My knowledge of the Bible was just beginning, so I put the Table of Contents to good use!)  I did this every day.  I began looking forward to my time in Bible study each day. In fact, I used to come home from work and turn on the television, but during my fast, I couldn’t wait to come home and read my Bible!  One day I was reading on your website and prayed the prayer of salvation!  My life has totally changed!  I am so grateful!!  And it all began with your fast and night of prayer, which led to my fast and my miracle prayer of salvation!


“I just wanted to thank you so very much for the message that you shared with us all tonight.  In all my nearly 32 years of being in…churches, I have NEVER heard the message that I heard tonight.  I never realized the importance and the need of fasting, what it REALLY means, and how to apply it in my life.   Thank you for sharing these truths with us.  I was so excited that I came home and “talked my husband’s ear off” telling him of all the things I learned tonight.  I can’t wait until we all meet again on Feb. 4th and learn of the things God is doing and going to do in our lives.  What an awesome thing God has allowed for us to experience with Him!!!”


“Natalie, There’s no way I could adequately express my thanks to you and praise to God for the awesome experience

we had tonight and for your leadership in this fast. It is something I have felt led to do, but as I said before it never “worked” for me. You and God showed me what it really means to fast and what a powerful tool fasting is in our walk with God. I am definitely “in” and plan to make fasting a way of life from now on. How blessed I have been these last 21 days. I can only imagine what lies ahead! 🙂 I’ll never be the same!!”


“I am blessed that my entire family (husband and 3 kids – one is four years old) are all doing this together. The support of the whole family is very encouraging and we each have something we are focused on seeing God work in us. For my 4-year-old, we are praying for God to work through a surgery he will have on Feb. 2nd …. We … are looking forward to the next 19 days. Thanks for your resources and prayerful support.”


Re: Fasting Day 2, Except

“These words have so encouraged me Natalie. I cannot even tell you enough … how much this has spoken to me … even the timing is perfect. It has been almost a week … and the Lord knew exactly what I needed to hear. God has confirmed some things even through some of the scripture that was in this blog! I can’t thank you enough for your Obedience to Our Father..blessings on you my sweet sister in Christ!!! Goodnight.. and have a wonderful Day tomorrow with our LORD!!! To Him be all Glory and Power and Honor!!!!! At His feet,”


Re: Giving God the First

“Natalie, Thank you for that reminder and explanation about the need and privilege to fast. I think this idea of being part of a group is very encouraging. I have overindulged this Christmas season and have been dry spiritually even when God kept pouring His blessings. I even forgot to pray last Thursday and only remembered it on Friday night. I need to be quiet before my God again and give Him the stress this season brings. I plan to slow down/pace my eating so that on the 14th, I will be ready with God’s help. I have not decided what kind of fasting to do but as you said I will ask our Lord and wait on Him. May we all have an expectant heart towards a more intimate walk with our God this 2010. For His glory, honor and praise,”


“I prayed the Prayer of Salvation … I finished the 21 day fast then started the Daniel fast till Easter. I’m doing Bible study every night. I know God sent me to you. Just those three words have changed my life: “Miracle of Prayer”


“This is the first time I have ever fasted. I am finding your [posts] so inspiring and uplifting and they are helping me to understand what fasting is really about. I desire an intimate relationship with my Father, and you are helping me so much to know how to go about it.”

— C. C.

“I have wanted to once again thank you for leading the 21 day Pursuit of Prayer and Fasting. It was such an amazing blessing and I wanted to share with you some of the ways it touched me.

“For one I had an amazing break through with my health during that time as I had given up sugar and other foods to help with my [illness]. The only way I can briefly describe it was as if my body was emerging from a comma. My balance and agility were greatly improved along with many other things. It was so encouraging to experience the new changes to my body. Some of the devotionals in the 21 day Pursuit were so powerful that it felt as if it had been made just for me that day. God is so good. [There is] so much more to really share…God is using you and your ministry in wonderful ways. I look forward to doing the 21 day Pursuit next year!”

 P. M.

“Natalie, I have been reading all your posts on fasting. Wow! Thank you! Glory to God! Did you know that because of your heart to begin the new year with prayer and fasting, [my wife] and I joined you last year. It made all the difference in a life or death, supernaturally miraculous filled year!”


“I thank you so much for the excellent articles on fasting. Although you do cite other sources of info, the manner in which you put it together with scripture, insight and exhortation is truly wonderful. I was particularly encouraged by the one based on 1 Sam. 7 where opposition was encountered in response to fasting and it all ended.

“I submitted an online request for prayer for deliverance from besetting sins that I had recently become conscious of. I also followed with two 5-day fasts in December. On these fasts, I drank only water during the day and 1/2 cup diluted fruit juice or clear broth at night.

“On the fifth day of the fast, during my morning prayer, I felt the presence of God. Several of my past sins were brought to my mind as I repented and asked for forgiveness. Interestingly, some of these I had never considered as sins and they were part of my lifestyle for 20 years. (I have been capable of closely following and loving God and His Word but also capable of considering base sins at other times….I simply believed that this was just the way that I was…and did not try to address it.) During this fasting experience I was made aware that I was believing a lie and could be set free from a reprobate mind. After a period of time in which I confessed my sins and asked forgiveness, my mind was filled with attributes of Jesus and His names…. I knew at that point that I was fully set free!

“In the days that followed I felt very clear and clean in my head. Completely set free of sinful habits that have held me for 20 yrs—wow! There is a heightened sense and awareness of what constitutes sin—something I almost never had before. On Christmas day I literally felt like a madman who had been delivered of his madness—such deep peace and joy. Although I was more financially strapped than any Christmas in recent memory, this was clearly the best ever. I could not read Luke 2 beyond verse 11. I just stopped there as I realized that for the first time in my life I had crowned Him Lord of all. I have already started preparing for Pursuit 21 by reducing my meals and am looking forward to more breakthroughs.”

— S.S.

“Thank you Natalie for your lessons each day. I copied them and am going to use them throughout the year on continued fasts.”

— M.L.

Re: How Should I Prepare for a Fast

“Natalie, I am so blessed by your life encouraging story. I know God [led me to] your story and used it to bless me to keep me encouraged and inspired in my prayer life as I am also suffering from an illness. God is continuously telling me that He is always beside me in this battle of mine and He has spoken to me again through your story. I haven’t fasted yet — never experienced it in my entire Christian life. Your site encouraged me to do it and do it right in God’s ways. With your article Pursuit 21 and the fasting contract, I am more driven to do it to honor God and to be more deeply involved with Him…. Thank you …You are a great blessing … “

— B. E.

Re: Fasting Day 9: Brokenness, Part 2

“Your testimony has been an eye opener to my own weakness and passions, which God has helped me deal with throughout this fast. It’s my first time to subscribe and I’ve just realized how much I’ve been missing from you. You are God sent to many including me. I am encouraged and I look forward for another season of waiting on God through fasting.”

— Joyce

“During this fast I wanted to be totally committed to completing it. There were times when I did do some things that were not right. But ‘Thanks be God’ that each post seem to be directed at me, giving me the determination to keep going.

“I have committed to making fasting a part of my life as I realized that I need GOD more than I ever have. I am so thankful that I found Shades of Grace ministries, Natalie Nichols woman of GOD.

“During the fast I also realized that my prayers were selfish. But Thanks be to GOD for this Pursuit 21.

“Then I received a post card from Shades of Grace Ministries thanking me for joining Pursuit 21. To me that was priceless. Thank you so much Natalie for praying for me. In Christ we live,”


“I first fasted with Pursuit 21 three years ago, participating in the local fasting prayer meetings as well. You agreed with me in prayer for my family and my grandchildren. I have continued fasting each year with Pursuit 21, and each year I see more answers to my prayers. God has done amazing things in my family and my grandchildren’s lives! He is so faithful! Thank you for leading the fast each year. It has affected my entire family!”

M. M.

“Just finished my very first 21-day fast. (Just water apple juice and cranberry juice) It was amazing. My spiritual ears were open. My rest at night was unbelievably sound. Never felt so close to my father. This will not be my last.

— India

“God answered my prayer petition on the 21st day of this fast. I was called for a job interview on the 20th day and then I was interviewed the following day, and the results were instant. Am going through to the second phase of the interviews. Am trusting that God is not done with me yet, I will get the job. Amen”

— Ruth

“God has really showed me the light. I was able to hear what He wants me to do in my life as I sought His presence. It has been a hard trial that my family is facing, but He assured me the battle is already won. I’m also thankful for the fast because He showed my husband the light, and my husband hungers for the word of God now. That has been my prayer and God answered it. 😊 I am excited to do another fast to hear from the Lord again. May he bless all of you as He is continuously blessing me.”

— D.M.

“[I] heard clearly from God on daily issues and decision during our fast. [I] was able to see the direction to move on a major decision. Praise God.”

— Ron W.

“Natalie, I love your blog, your testimony, and heart for God. I have recently started fasting one day a week till 8:00 p.m. I am feeling more of God’s presence and less of the pull of the flesh towards besetting sins. Thank you for your ministry! I hope to see several family members saved, my children healed (one has autism, the other son has severe eczema) and for God to prepare me for ministry and open the doors. Thanks and God bless!”

— Sierra Schwartz

“After fasting 18 days I feel the righteousness of Christ shining like the noon day sun, and my worship is very very intense with heavy awareness and fire.”

— Gary

“I have finished my 21-day fast today. I feel renewed, happy, blessed and very close to my GOD. Could not ask for more. I believe this is a new beginning of my spiritual life and that of my family. Surely its a good thing to do through Christ who strengthens us. My prayers have also  been answered. Looking forward to my new life. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.”

— Monica

“I am finishing a 50-day ( 21 days on dry and 29 on salad from 6:00 p.m.) fast today at 6:00 p.m. Glory be to GOD Almighty. What I thought was impossible has been accomplished by His Grace and through the Power of the Holy Ghost and the cleansing blood of the Lamb. Spiritually I have entered a higher dimension by His mercy. I can hear God clearly. I can see clearly in the spirit. I am grateful, Father. Physically, I am now fit and whole. My body has been renewed. I have received a brand new body. Its reminding me my 20’s. I have lost 15kg and sickness has vanished for ever in my life. Glory be to GOD. My prayer is the grace to keep and use these precious gifts that I have received. Thanks you Lord Jesus! I am really a brand new person in Christ!

— Past. Laurent

Re: Require and Rejoice

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I am so thankful for Shades of Grace. May the Lord continue to bless this organization.

I have reached the point in my fast where I don’t know if I want to go back to eating. Food had such a stronghold on my life and at some point during the partial fast, I realized how much of a stronghold it was.

I’m so happy that I am finally beginning to experience freedom from such a stronghold.

More importantly, I came to the realisation of the importance of knowing that I am spirit, soul and body and not body soul and spirit. Once again, thank you!

Re: Dethroning King Stomach

Thank you so much for sharing this. I started my 21-day [fast] with a 3-day water only fast and then moved into partial fasting, which meant I could eat anything I wanted from 3:00 p.m. During this time I found that when I [would] break my fast, I [would] end up eating a lot of food. And every time I read my Bible, the Lord [would] always speak to me about idolatry and how much He hates idolatry, but I didn’t understand. So, I started asking for clarity, and it came to me that I was idolizing food and therefore God was not pleased with my sacrifice. On the 14th day, I changed back to a full fast and now I’m on my 15th day. Everyday is such a struggle and I keep praying for strength to finish strong as I started strong. I would really like to experience a time when I can draw strength from God and stop focusing on king stomach because I know king stomach has ruled my life for the most part of it and now I really want for God to be the only ruler in my life.

— Lola

I’m on a 21-day fast now. I’ve fasted in the past, but it wasn’t a sincere fast for the right reasons. I’ve messed up two times, but I did not let it stop me from continuing. I received the gift of tongues during my fast and also better vision physically and spiritually. I’m gaining a greater understanding… All glory and praises to God almighty in heaven.

— Teresa

I had been reading sermons and information about fasting for a little while and had fasted a number of times mostly partial fasts and liquid fasts two times up too 21 days doing partial fasts in the past two years.

However I never knew the different types of fasts or the deeper meaning of specific fasts for different needs.

I lost my spouse of 34 years in 2012 and 9 months after this devastating experience, I was approached by my senior pastors to consider being ordained as senior pastor as they were moving country and they were getting my name for the position of fulfilling that role in the church. I accepted the calling of God and have been leading the church since 30th June 2013. Praise God.

My Vision is to create a family-friendly fellowship where men, woman and children attend the house of God regularly as a family. Win the men to God and this will in turn win the family household for God’s glory. (Acts 16 :31). If thou shalt believe on the Lord Jesus Christ thou shalt be saved and thy household.

At this time, our church needs finances to cover our leases contracts: we have two buildings and are struggling to afford payments on the second lease. Our board of trustees are presently meeting to find solutions. I want to live in the second building and work full time in the ministry. That’s part of my vision.

I want to use the second building for Sunday school,  youth meetings, many functions including conferences, men’s meetings, etc and preaching and teaching the Word of God.

I wanted to fast on water only for 3 days in October 2015 to seek God’s help for our church’s needs and during this time, I stumbled across Shades of Grace Ministries on the internet and read Natalie Nichols’ testimony and the website on Pursuit 21 and different types of fasting. I was amazed at Natalie’s testimony about seeking God ALONE, giving, praying and fasting (Mathew 6: 2,5,17).

I decided to extend the fast to 7 days on water only and continued to read the daily encouragements — Day 1 fasting, Day 2 fasting etc. By the time I got to day 10 fasting on water, I was going to change to broth or fruit juice or both. However I couldn’t take anything else except water only and completed the 21 days fastings.

I had 9 communions while at church and significant other times during the fast. I entered into a place of rest during the fast and everything I read daily, I experienced the personal changes in my life. The 21 days went so fast. I felt the Lord’s presence and hear his voice more clearly now.

It has been a very cleansing experience and much repenting. I felt God was giving new wine skins to receive the new wine. Our church also has been repenting corporately and the pastors and the board called a corporate 3-day Ezra fast to seek the Lord for his guidance and direction. I want to fast more regularly now and our church is believing for God’s answers for our church’s needs. This whole experience has been amazing for me, and I am waiting expectantly for God’s answers to our prayers plus giving Him thanks for what He has already done. … and waiting on Him alone for our rewards.

FASTING, and prayer, and now giving also are powerful life-changing weaponry I now use and want to make it a lifestyle change. Thank you Shades of Grace Ministries, for we are excited about our future for our church family and our community.

— Pastor Steven Campbell

I stumbled on your blog post on the internet and I must say your posts on fasting have really helped and encouraged me. I feel closer to God like never before. I love the feeling that I have gotten (when you cast all your cares and burdens to him) and just that faith you get knowing that God has definitely got your back. Today is the last day of my fast and my birthday, and I know that it’s God that has given me strength.

— S.C.

I’ve fasted for 40 days and today is my last day. I never felt so closed God and filled with the Holy Spirit. I can’t explain or put into words. I plan to repeat this every year.

— Sara

I’m on day 18. This is my first long liquid fast ever. God has answered some prayers for me, such as cycles of strongholds and habits that I could get rid of. My prayer and studying the word has increased. … Lastly but not least, I was in an eleven-year bad marriage. We have been divorced for two years, which he couldn’t seem to get himself together and move. Well glory to God he is moving as I’m typing! I thank God for this fast.

— Victoria

On the first day of my fast, I received a check refunding a fraudulent fee on a credit card I had years and years ago. I received it joyfully as a sign of things to come and also proclaimed that anything the enemy stole, even when I wasn’t being a good steward, would be returned to me one hundred fold! Not just that old fee refunded, but all the increase consumed by poverty and lack, everything the devourer sucked out of our lives for years! All restored in the name of Yeshuah the Son of the Living God. That small check was just a trickle before the downpour. The hand of the devourer is rebuked! The power of poverty over my life is broken! Glory to God, I am not the same! Amen.

— Rachel

I am glad I took this step of faith. Today is my 21st day of prayer and fasting which was my first ever. I thank God, for now I can hear the Holy Spirit speak to me and direct my steps. I have seen the hand of God throughout my fast. The devil tried to discourage me severely, but Jesus won him over. And now I am here praising His Holy name. Thank you Jesus, and I want fasting to be my new lifestyle from now onward. Amen

— Caroline Koech

I just finished my first 21-day fast. My experience was amazing…

— Sophia

Throughout my 21 days I have seen the things that were being thrown at me from the serpent himself. And with the great divine direction and early foresight, I was able to over throw each and every situation thrown at me. He tried to send two married men my way, but I shut that down in quickness. During this time of fasting, I was able to come into better contact with my physical self and felt great in my body, and that’s just what I needed. The Lord has done so much for me I’m sure that I wasn’t able to see during those 21 days. I know even though I didn’t notice or was rewarded during the 21 days it will happen afterwards. But in the end for me it wasn’t about or isn’t about the outcome reward. For me its about the togetherness of me and Jehovah and that I was able to establish a better bond with him then and forever.

May you all who read this know that God is real; He speaks to you, shows you signs and visions of things, and only wants you to be His friend and child at the same time.

— M.D.

Thank you Shades of Grace ministries for having this website. I just finished a three day fast with only water and Gatorade earlier this week. I had started planning the night before I finished what meal I wanted. When I started eating I didn’t feel as well, so that is how I found your site and gained so much more information that I had originally set out to find.

During the fast: God had answered prayer during the fast of keeping my mind active for my class and undistracted by my stomach. It was my first time to go so long without food. I was inspired by some men in East Africa that went the month of September fasting. I just don’t want to miss out, but I am not strong enough to go so long yet.

Following the fast: Thank you for saying that spiritual battle often comes as you finish a fast. I found myself tempted to run to entertainment for comfort, but I want God to be my comfort. God helped me through that with spending time praying for my family with my mom at that time.

I also want to thank you for saying that God often is working in amazing ways after a fast and to be watching for Him. Yesterday was a hard day at work, I work in a high risk area in the hospital. My manager called me into her office to talk to me about having called a patient (that I had cared for) on my own time that was dealing with a life and death situation. The patient had asked when I would be back. I had some time off work, was concerned and wanted to offer spiritual encouragement, so I called daily for a few days. The patient expressed gratitude for the calls. My manager said that she felt this was wrong to call the patient’s room and talk to them on my off time, but didn’t have a foundation for this so was asking HR. She said HR didn’t know what the right answer was and was talking to legal counsel. She said she knows I have good intent, but that my action could backfire. She said she had talked to the patient and said the patient was pleased with me.

So, I begged God for an answer last night. This morning He reminded me of when Jesus was leaving earth and how He said He must leave in order for the Holy Spirit to come. Since it isn’t allowed to have contact with patients outside of work hours and in general I struggle with boundaries anyways, this is what I believe God is saying. He wants me to work diligently during my shift. At the end of the shift when situations are tenuous, He needs me to remember it is the Holy Spirit’s time to take over. It is time to walk by faith and in expectancy that He is going to do mighty work and above what I could ever do in the lives of the people I have come to love. For those that know God, I can share with them how it is time to step out in faith as the disciples did when they waited for God to act when Jesus ascended. For those that don’t know God and are not wanting me to leave, I can tell them that they are in good hands and silently pray for them.

This is a huge work in my heart too, because my focus is changed from more self-supplied care to God-supplied care. It is healthy and helping me set healthy boundaries. God also gave me Psalms 73:26 as encouragement today too. There is so much I am learning thanks to God!! He is answering my prayer not to be left behind, but to know Him better.

— Bethany Olsen

Natalie, Truly you are a light that shines for His Glory in this dark world. I cannot express how grateful I am for your leadership, love and commitment to the work of God. You have been a true inspiration to me for a year and a half now. Your posts have been meat and drink to a parched soul.

I was away from God for many years after being wounded by the church. Last January I came across your site, and after reading through several of your pages, I decided to join you for the last nine days of your fast. God broke the chains of bitterness that were holding me and I came to true repentance. I have been seeking and serving God each day since then. I was excited to join Pursuit 21 this year and have grown so much in the Spirit and in the Word. The Lord has been taking me to new heights and new levels in Him. I have made a commitment to make fasting a part of my regular devotions. It is my prayer that God bless you and your ministry abundantly, In Jesus Name.

— Sherry