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About Passionate Pursuit

Passionate Pursuit

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“Let the hearts of those rejoice…who seek and require the Lord as their indispensable necessity” Psalm 105:3

Ages before your birth, God put your entire life in order. He assigned you to this hour, and to the exact location where you reside, years in advance – so that you might seek and find Him!

“…He determined the times set for them and the exact places where they should live. God did this so that men would seek him and perhaps reach out for him and find him, though he is not far from each one of us” (Acts 17:26-27).

You are not where you are, when you are, merely by chance. God put you here in this moment so that you would seek Him together with others in unity and passion.

DSC00261_crpd_compressedPassionate Pursuit is a place where you can do exactly that! We invite you to share a life-changing moment in God’s Word with Natalie Nichols, founder and president of Shades of Grace Ministries. Come and enjoy coffee and dessert, uplifting music and a transforming message as Natalie shares an encouraging word for your present need.

Join us as Natalie leads us on a Passionate Pursuit to know Jesus and the power of God’s Word more intimately each day!

5 Reasons to Attend:

  1. Life-changing Message – Receive an encouraging word for your present need.DSC07413_compress
  2. Uplifting Music – Gifted worship leaders and special guests share beautiful music that leads you into God’s presence.
  3. Fabulous Friends – Meet godly friends who will foster your spiritual growth, supporting you throughout the month with encouragement and prayer.
  4. Contagious Passion – Do you desire more Passion for Christ but don’t know how to get it? Come catch our hunger for the Bread of Life.
  5. Mini-Spa for Your Spirit – Are you weary, in need of refreshing? Spend an evening with us and be rejuvenated!


“I love Passionate Pursuit! It is like a mini-Women of Faith Conference for me each month.”
—Bethany from Dallas

DSC07416_crpd2_compres“Thanks for an amazing evening!”
—Debbie from Florida

“I really enjoyed myself! God has given me the beginning I needed in order to become the mother, wife, woman that He has planned for me to be.”
—Ana from Nacogdoches

“Just this morning I prayed—I was out of faith, gas, or hope. Your message was my answer from God! It’s like I’m just beginning to see who God really is. This morning I felt like I was standing alone. Now I know I’m not! Thank you, Jesus.”
—Paula from Nacogdoches

DSC08651-cropped_compressed“Fantastic message tonight! It was such a blessing and many of us were touched. I know it was a “now” word for me! I will study and meditate on this message.”
—Brandi from Nacogdoches

“It was a delight to be at Passionate Pursuit! It is truly a blessing to see what an impact you ladies are having on the community of women in east Texas.”
—Abigail from Washington

“Thank you for your words of wisdom on how to listen to God and have faith in what we hear from Him. I gave you a prayer request last month…Now I want to listen, get in the Word and fast until I get an answer.”
—Luciana from Center

DSC09381-crpd-cmprs“I’ve been a doubting Thomas. I didn’t realize until the message tonight just how much my faith has diminished over time through disappointing, hurtful circumstances. Tonight, that has changed! God has breathed fresh life into me and my walk of faith, and I know there is more to come”
—Valerie form Huntington

“Loved ‘Vein of Silver’! Sandra’s humility blesses and inspires me.”
—Vicky from Nacogdoches

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Our Mission

Passionate Pursuit exists to lead women on a joyful journey to more of Christ – that they might have a greater hunger for His presence, a deeper understanding of His Word and a fuller walk of faith.

Our Vision

We desire to see a world where every woman pursues the Word of God with increasing passion, living by the life of Christ and the promises of God’s Word – impacting her future, her family and her community for Christ.

Our Audience

Through monthly events, concerts of prayer, online ministry and discipleship, Passionate Pursuit reaches women of all ages and church affiliations.

“…for he who comes to God must believe that He is,
and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him” Hebrews 11:6.