Sandra Nichols' Bio- Shades of Grace | Natalie Nichols


Nichols31BestMomFTGEM-001_FRAMES_Best1600-Drop2“If there will be a place 18 years from now where you could use a godly young woman – would you please give me the opportunity to raise her?”

In 1970 Sandra Nichols asked God for a little girl to complete her family – husband Neal, and two sons, Ed, 5, and Weston, 3.

Sandra promised God that if He gave them a little girl, she and Neal would train her up in the way she should go, in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. They would teach her that when she became 18 she belonged to the Lord to be taught and used of Him.

In December of 1970 God gave Neal and Sandra that little girl.

As her children grew, Sandra fasted and prayed for their future. God in turn spoke through the written Word, assuring her that He would give her children His peace, and that His Words would remain on their lips and He would truly bless them.

Little did she know where God’s plan would take them or how tightly she would have to cling to the promises God had given her. It was in her 18th year that Natalie became ill, deteriorating dramatically in the years that followed. Not only was Sandra’s personal faith and expectation in God’s faithfulness tested, but there were times in which Natalie’s faith was bolstered by her mother’s unwavering confidence in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob – the God who is faithful to keep all of His promises. Sandra’s strong faith and example in the Lord first ministered to her own family and now ministers to others as she testifies to God’s faithfulness.

Sandra owned and operated a Christian preschool and child-care center for over 13 years, leaving that field in 1995 in order to care for Natalie during the years of severe illness. Parents and grandparents of the children for whom Sandra so lovingly cared through this center still comment as to the extraordinary blessing and gift Sandra was to them and their children as she committed herself and her staff to loving, nurturing and providing Christian training for the children. Her counsel and care often extended to the parents as well as she was never too busy to help them with familial and spiritual concerns.

Sandra brings this same counsel and care to parents, grandparents and children everywhere as she shares her wisdom and experience with audiences across the nation.

Neal and Sandra have been married since 1963 – with Neal having served in ministry since 1972 as both a pastor and evangelist. In 2013, Neal’s health rapidly declined due to advanced Alzheimer’s Disease… and Sandra once again became caregiver to a loved-one suffering from a devastating illness. In this current test of faith, facing the challenges of caregiving and watching her husband of 52 years succumb to dementia, Sandra’s unwavering confidence in God is a powerful example to her family and to others as she speaks to God’s faithfulness in every circumstance.

Today Sandra testifies afresh. “God is faithful and He keeps His promises” is her resounding message to those in every circumstance, from a spouse walking through immeasurable loss and pain to parents and grandparents working to raise Godly children in an ungodly world. With touching personal accounts and humor that brings audiences to laughter even in the midst of tears, Sandra’s message instills hope, encouragement, and deep faith and confidence in God and His Word!