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A New View: 7 Facts That Transform Seasons of Prolonged Trials and Loss

Does it seem like God keeps finding new degrees of horrible for your life? Perhaps you’re in shock this Thanksgiving season by how awful your circumstances are… after years of unbelievably devastating events. You’re stumbling from one traumatic event to the next in total disbelief…  What you have endured year after year is simply incomprehensible. The people around you appear to be happily... read more

Comfort and Encouragement in the Coronavirus Pandemic

During the Coronavirus Pandemic, I have been sharing articles, scriptures, and quotes on social media, as well as links to other ministries’ videos — content that I feel holds encouragement, truth, hope, and comfort for us as we walk through this pandemic season. I will also be posting new content here on the website in the days to come, but in case you missed what has been shared on social... read more

God Determines our Steps, Part Two: A Personal Photo Journey

In the previous post, I shared how God turned my plans for last year upside down through caring for my dad in his illness and hospitalizations. The change of plans affected everything, even Pursuit 21. I always like seeing faces of the people my friends tell me about. One friend of mine sends me pictures by text so that I can visualize who she is asking me to pray for. Several of you who know about my... read more

God Determines Our Steps, Part One: Plans Turned Upside Down

Seven months have passed, and not a word from me here. I haven’t been intentionally absent or rude. It’s just that last year was not the year I planned. Everything I envisioned for the year was turned upside down. Perhaps your year ended up the same way. “We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps.” Proverbs 16:9, NLT Did you have plans for last year that got uprooted?... read more

Resting in God’s Sovereign Rule: The Complete Series

Over the past few months, I’ve been talking about a vital truth we must remember in seasons of hardship: God is in control. When we grasp this truth, we not only survive, we thrive in seasons of suffering. I want you to do more than barely survive in your adversity. I want you to thrive! That’s why I wrote this series called “Resting in God’s Sovereign Rule.” Suffering and... read more

Biblical Evidence: Scriptures About God’s Sovereign Rule (Sovereign Rule, Part 8)

God reigns supreme over the details of our lives. Psalm 103:19 says, “The Lord has established his throne in heaven, and his kingdom rules over all.” No one outranks God. He rules independent of the control of any other being, even Satan. Absolutely no one has more control over the events of this world—over the events in your life and its best and worst circumstances—than God. “God has put... read more

His Purpose Prevails: God’s Control Over Sinful Acts (Sovereign Rule, Part 7)

Are you suffering because of the immoral actions of another? Do you question whether or not God has power over sinful acts? Whether He exercises authority over the atrocities perpetrated against us? Whether life’s injustices are random, meaningless occurrences or if there is order and purpose behind it all? When it comes to suffering, particularly that caused by sheer evil, we have a hard time fitting... read more

God Governs Hands-On, Using Even the Actions of Evil People for His Purpose (Sovereign Rule, Part 6)

In the previous post, we saw that God oversees people’s sinful actions while not being the source of them. He can allow events to take place, where evil plays a role — without being the source of the evil Himself. God does not originate everything He permits. He does not put evil in anyone’s heart. Such evil is the result of man’s innate evil desires and Satan’s fury. Even when suffering... read more

Do God and Satan Alternate Shifts? (God’s Sovereign Rule, Part 5)

Do God and Satan alternate shifts controlling the world? It often seems like Satan has punched in as manager of the world, and God is never coming back from His break. Yet nothing could be further from the truth. Psalm 103:19 establishes a foundational fact: “The Lord has established his throne in heaven, and his kingdom [his sovereignty] rules over all.” God is sovereign. As we saw in part one,... read more

Seesaw Control: How Perspective Draws Victory from Defeat (Sovereign Rule, Part 4)

We twenty-first century Christians take an approach to God’s sovereignty that is similar to a piece of playground equipment—the seesaw. We believe that one day God is in control of our lives, and the next day Satan or an evil person has gained control over Him. It’s as if today the seesaw tilts to the side where God sits, so that He wields all the power over life’s events. But tomorrow... read more