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Lilies, Bonus Lesson: Tell God How You Feel (Part 1)

In your pain and disappointment, are you telling God how you really feel? Or do you believe it would be improper to do so—perhaps because your emotions include feelings of frustration and anger at God? Bonus Lesson: Tell God How You Feel Have you ever stopped to think that the psalmists talked to God in their dark night of the soul—and when they did, they were real with God? The psalmists... read more

God Still Clothes the Lilies, Lesson 10: Reflect on God’s Past Goodness

Are you facing an overwhelming problem? Have you given up hope that things will ever improve? This a perfect time to reflect on the ways God has been good to you in the past. Lesson #10: Reflect on God’s Past Goodness and Expect a Repeat Why is it so vital that we choose to recall instances of God’s faithfulness in our past? Like David recalling the victories God had given him over the lion and... read more

3 Results of Your Worship: God Still Clothes the Lilies, Lesson 9 (Part Two)

Are you dealing with an overwhelming problem? Or facing an uncertain future? You may not feel like worshiping God, but it will make a big difference if you do! Part One of this lesson emphasized the necessity of offering God a sacrifice of praise. I don’t know about you, but I needed this encouragement. My attitude of gratitude and posture of praise too often become captives of my circumstances. And... read more

Give Thanks and Praise, Even in This (Part One): God Still Clothes the Lilies, Lesson 9

Do you constantly dwell on the negative circumstances of your life? Are you so focused on yourself and your problems that you can’t see what God is doing in and around you? Do you often feel hopeless and despondent? Lesson nine is vital for everyone facing life’s challenges. (And Type-A, perfectionist, negative-prone people like me need this lesson plastered on our walls as a continual... read more

Focus on God, Not Your Problems: God Still Clothes the Lilies, Lesson 8

Are you overwhelmed by a problem? Perhaps many problems? I am. And they can consume my thoughts and obscure my view of God. That’s why I’m reminding myself of today’s lesson: Lesson #8: Focus on God, Not Your Problems Do you remember the model prayer that Jesus prayed, the prayer we often call the Lord’s prayer? You probably memorized it as a child: “Our Father in... read more

Receive God’s Enabling: God Still Clothes the Lilies, Lesson 7

Are you facing something in life that is more than you can handle? Are you finding it hard to endure—to survive, much less thrive—as you wait on God? Lesson #7: Receive God’s Powerful Enabling While waiting on God to act, we need His enabling. That’s part of the purpose in the delay—to teach us to live in His sufficiency. It’s in these overwhelming seasons that we... read more

God Still Clothes the Lilies, Lesson 6: Wait Expectantly for God

Have you been praying for something crucial, but you have yet to receive an answer? Are you in an overwhelming situation with no end in sight and your endurance is wearing thin? There is a word for you today in Psalm 27—and vital direction. The previous lesson was based on Psalm 27, a passage of scripture that revolutionized my life in a season of prolonged suffering. (See parts One and Two of... read more

God Still Clothes the Lilies, Lesson 5: Be Confident in God (Part 2)

Do you feel blindsided by a loss, an overwhelming challenge, or sudden affliction — and it’s causing you to feel afraid?  In part one of this lesson, I shared how God equipped me through Psalm 27 for a season of fear and dread. In the process, He caused me to know Him more intimately and gave me one-thing desire. As a result, I could be confident in Him. Psalm 27 is a passage we can learn... read more

God Still Clothes the Lilies, Lesson 5: Be Confident in God (Part 1)

Are there circumstances in your life causing you to feel fear or dread? Are you facing uncertainties? Do the uncertainties stem from circumstances so unfavorable it seems no matter which route your life takes, none of the options are good? Lesson five for seasons of uncertainty and suffering is: Lesson #5: Be Confident in God, Absent Fear Psalm 27:1-3 says, 1The Lord is my light and my salvation; Whom... read more

World Down Syndrome Day: Celebrating Beautiful Lives

Today, March 21, is World Down Syndrome Day. I’m briefly interrupting our current series to share this important announcement and a few videos and articles that I believe you’ll find enlightening and helpful. A strong supporter of life and pro-life causes, and a speaker at pro-life events, I feel it’s important that we pause on this special day to celebrate life, to honor those whom God... read more