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The I Am For Your Every Need (3): Action Point

The I Am For Your Every Need: Action Point

At some point, the circumstances of life will render each of us drained, wounded, and in great need. But there is good news! Every need we have—and could ever have—has been met in Christ.

I’d like to share an exercise with you that I found life-changing when life rendered me utterly broken and in great need.

Gaze Turned Upward to God

It was the first Sunday of the month—my Sunday morning to pray in the prayer room during the worship service at church. I almost didn’t go. The incredibly tough months recently, on top of a rough few years, had caught up with me. I was not only emotionally broken and drained dry, I felt completely unable to pray.

Driving to church, I had to pull over because I was crying so hard I couldn’t see the road. I considered turning around and going home. Given the shape I was in, I certainly didn’t want to see people and visit. But worse than that, it seemed I was unable to serve in my area responsibility that morning. I couldn’t even pray for myself, let alone intercede for the church and those attending the service. But oddly, I felt compelled of the Lord to go. I didn’t understand why, but I went.

When I arrived, the prayer room was empty. The other woman with whom I pray was absent. A sigh of relief swept over me. At least I wouldn’t have to be around anyone.

In no shape to pray, I began thumbing through a thick book someone had placed on the table—Prayer Portions by Sylvia Gunter. It was the first time I had seen the book in the room. And I needed an aid in prayer—something to help me get in the word, get beyond myself and get started praying.

I flipped to a section called “Praise Portions” with 365 Names, Titles and Attributes of the Lord. Then there were the sections, “You’re My God” and “You’re My Jesus” — more names and attributes of God. Skimming the pages, each filled with a long list of what and who God is for me, my mind began to slowly turn from my problems. But only a forty-five degree turn. Still, at least I was becoming engrossed in something besides my despair and the funk that my brain chemistry had become.

Then it happened. I read the following by Sylvia Gunter and God met me! Instantly!

Identify the name of God that relates to your every need or to each intercessory prayer concern. For every need, there is a name of God. Our daughter Elizabeth understood this, even while a college student preparing to go into youth ministry. She grew up in an atmosphere in which she experienced the names of God in our household. For as long as she can remember, she absorbed who God is. As a result, it was natural for her to turn to Him during a very stressful time while working in Christian ministry one summer.

She took her Bible and prayer notebook into a small room of the house where she was staying. After she closed the door, she poured out her heart, “God, right now I am going to write down everything I am feeling, no matter how stupid or insignificant it may seem.” Straight down the left side of a page in one column she wrote, “I’m tired, I feel lonely, I’m depressed, I’m stressed, I’m angry, I feel unwanted, I’m frustrated, I’m weak, I’ve been lied to, I feel manipulated, I feel used, I feel hated.” Immediately God spoke to her heart that He was her Everything— all she needed. Beside the first list she wrote this next list, in order corresponding to each of the feelings she had expressed, “You give me rest, You are closer than a brother, You are my joy, You are my peace, revenge is Yours, You accept me, You are my God of details and You’ll take care of everything, You are strong, You are truth, You only do what is best for me, You were used up for me, and You love me as if I were the only one to love.” She knows her God. She returned to her ministry refreshed, renewed, refocused, with new courage. [i]

The Holy Spirit spoke to me. I knew I needed to try this exercise right away. I took the only paper I could find—the church bulletin—and began writing down what I was feeling. I started one column:

  • I’m depressed.
  • I feel hopeless.
  • I’m weary.
  • I’m in financial need.
  • My body is broken by illness.

I only wrote down four to five things, eager to get to the second part of the exercise. Then beside each feeling or need, I wrote the name or attribute of God that met that need:

  • You’re my joy.
  • You give me hope.
  • You give me rest.
  • You are my provider.
  • You’re my healer.

Immediately the oppression that hounded me and almost swallowed me whole that morning had lifted. It was broken. Completely, 100% broken!!!!

I realized then that even though my circumstances were weighty, my spiritual enemy had seized on them and used them to oppress and overwhelm me. In other words, it wasn’t all in the natural realm. The circumstances were … but the oppression that day had all been spiritual. I had instant peace and joy and hope … and my circumstances hadn’t changed a bit. What had changed was in the spiritual realm.

Once the spiritual oppression broke and I was able to pray and intercede, I decided to pause my list and complete it later at home. The Holy Spirit had accomplished what He intended.

I saw it—I saw the reason He had compelled me to go to church that morning. He wanted to break this spiritual oppression! He intended to give me a glimpse of Heaven. He wanted to turn my gaze vertically—off my needs and onto my God, who is the I AM for my every need!

A Moment of Worship: He is All We Need

He is All We Need by Highlands Worship
From the Album Place of Freedom

Download from iTunes | Amazon

Question: What needs or concerns do you have today?

Action Point:

  • Pour your heart out to God by listing your needs and feelings.
  • After you have acknowledged all your emotions and needs, identify the name of God that relates to your need.
  • Once you’ve listed your needs, you can use the other posts of this series (Praise You, Jesus Part 1 and Part 2The I Am … (Part 2)300+ Names, and My God Is) to get you started identifying the expression of God’s character that meets each need.



[i] Gunter, Sylvia (1991-01-01). Prayer Portions (Kindle Locations 397-401). The Father’s Business. Kindle Edition.


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