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Resources to Encourage You in Prayer: Sermons, Webcast, and Prayer Journal Apps

How is your prayer life? Are you disciplined in carving out a time and place for prayer every day? Or have you slacked off since Pursuit 21 ended? Do you make it to your prayer closet only once every few days, at the most? It has been eleven weeks since Pursuit 21 ended. I have prayed for you daily since we concluded our fast, asking God to help you maintain your heart for prayer and your commitment to... read more

The Mind-Blowing Mystery and Privilege of Prayer: Francis Chan Sermon

Are you excited about the mind-blowing mystery and privilege of prayer? Is it something you take advantage of daily? We recently completed Pursuit 21, twenty-one days of fasting and prayer. But we are to pray more than only three weeks out of the year. Prayer should remain a priority in our lives each day! To remind us of this, and encourage us to continue to prioritize the secret place with... read more

Reigning Through Prayer (2): Joining Jesus at the Throne of Intercession

In Part One, we saw that Jesus is the Interceding Sovereign of the universe. Seated at the throne, ruling the universe, He lives to make intercession for us. Today we see that we join Him in this rule—that through prayer we reign with Him. This article is based on a chapter in Mighty Prevailing Prayer by Wesley Duewel. I highly recommend you get a copy! Mine is highlighted and bookmarked throughout.... read more

Reigning Through Prayer (Part 1): Jesus, the Interceding Ruler

Would you like more power in prayer? Do you want to fully exercise your God-given authority in prayer, like Jesus exercised His when He walked the earth? In order to pray with authority and prevail in prayer, you must first understand the role of intercession in Jesus’ life, past and present—and how you share that role with Him today. This is the first part of a two-part series in which we... read more

The Touch of God – Moses: Sermon by David Wilkerson

Do you want to be a man or woman whom God has touched? When God gives you an urge to seek Him, it means He wants to touch your life. If you’re fasting with Pursuit 21, you no doubt have felt an urge to begin seeking God. So He clearly wants to touch your life. But in order to become a God-touched man or woman, you must first respond to two calls from Him—the call to come up and the call to... read more

Prayer Is an Invitation to Experience God’s Boundlessness

Are you experiencing great and mighty, incomprehensible things day in and day out? Or ordinary, explainable things? God invites us to prayer so that we might experience its boundless reach — His boundless reach! In the boundless reach of prayer, we experience unexplainable, extraordinary, great and mighty things! One of my favorite books on prayer is Prayer: Life’s Limitless Reach by Jack... read more

Satan Trembles When He Sees the Weakest Saint Praying

... read more

Don’t Get in a Hurry in the Prayer Closet

If we want God to speak to us through His Word, we can not be in a hurry in the prayer closet. In the previous post, we saw that prayer is a two-way conversation—not a time when we present a monologue to God. It’s a time of dialogue where we talk to God and He talks to us through His Word. Hearing God often means lingering before Him and waiting to hear what He has to say. Give God a Chance... read more

Prayer is a Two-Way Conversation

Are you getting alone with God each day to pray? When you do, are you not only talking to God, you’re also listening to Him speak to you? Prayer is a two-way conversation. It’s a time when we talk to God and He talks to us. A Two-Way Conversation Time and again scripture exhorts us to bring our requests to God in prayer. But we must remember that prayer is communion. It is a conversation.... read more

Get Alone with God: The Religion of the Closet

Do you have a gnawing ache to get alone with God? Do you, like Jesus, make it a habit to withdraw to a solitary place to pray? Getting alone with God to pray is what Jonathan Edwards calls the “religion of the closet.” The Religion of the Closet Jonathan Edwards writes, A true Christian doubtless delights in religious fellowship, and Christian conversation, and finds much to affect his heart... read more