Fasting Day 8: Gaining Thirst

  Maybe you read yesterday’s post and it made you frustrated because your thirst for God hasn’t increased on your fast. Your desire for Him and His word hasn’t changed at all. If this...
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Fasting Day 7: Drinking Straight-up Living Water

I have a friend who has a strong dislike for drinking water. She has to force herself to drink it. And even then she has to have lemon in it to cover up the taste. We Christians sometimes feel about...
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Fasting Day 6: The Living Water

From Natalie: This is a guest post by Angela Morgan. Angela’s deep faith and undying passion for Jesus are a personal inspiration to me. She co-led the Concert of Prayer event as part of the...
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Fasting Day 5: Six Encouraging Reminders

Over the years that I’ve been fasting, I’ve encountered the following six issues. These vital reminders are not only encouraging, they can determine whether or not you are successful in...
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Fasting Day 4: Quotes About Fasting

Sometimes a quote or excerpt from someone can impact us more than volumes of books on a topic. So I thought I would share a few quotes in the event they inspire you as you fast. Elmer Towns “It’s...
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Fasting Day 3: How Fasting Works

  Fasting helps a Christian to receive direction and power from the Holy Spirit. In Shaping History Through Fasting and Prayer, Derek Prince gives two ways in which fasting accomplishes this. 1....
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Fasting Day 2: The Secret Teller

Did you know that your Heavenly Father wants to tell you His secrets? Angela Morgan (Pursuit 21 guest post author), recently reminded me of this through one of her posts on Facebook. The promise of God...
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Fasting Day 1: Drawing Near

Fasting is drawing near to God. It’s body-talk expressing our hunger for Him. “Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you” (James 4:8). Biblical, New Testament fasting is the bowing of...
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Seeking God First

Of all your priorities for the coming year, is seeking God your first? Is it your most important goal? Are you planning toward it, setting aside a specific time to seek God first above all...
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