Praise You, Jesus: Alphabet of Praise (Part 1)

Engaging in a Biblical fast involves more than abstaining from food. We must combine our abstention with prayer and time in God’s word. Otherwise we’re merely on a diet. So as you’re...
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Begin Your Prayers with Praise

When the disciples asked Jesus how to pray, he gave them a model prayer. Today this prayer is often referred to as the Lord’s Prayer. It gives us an outline for talking to God in prayer. Jesus...
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Shifting Your Focus

Perhaps you’re fasting to enlist the Holy Spirit’s help with a specific problem. The problem and your concern over it may have motivated you to fast, but as you fast, focus on the size and...
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Fasting Day 1: Welcome

Today is the first day of Pursuit 21. If you’re fasting with us, I’d like to welcome you. I’m excited that you’ve decided to enter a life-changing season of fasting and...
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When You Fast

When was the last time you entered into a Biblical fast? Do you believe a Christian should fast only on rare occasions  … if ever at all?  When … Not If After Jesus called his disciples, He...
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18 Free Kindle eBooks

This week there are several free Kindle eBooks available for download, including 14 FREE books by Beth Moore.  This is such a special offering (especially by Beth Moore) that I thought I’d share...
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Thankfulness (7): Scriptures About Giving Thanks

Below are thirty-one passages of scripture about giving God thanks — that’s one for every day of the month! I challenge you to take one passage a day, personalize it, and turn it into a...
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Eight Steps to Thankfulness, Part 2 (Thankfulness #6)

In part one of this post, I listed the first four of eight steps we can take that will lead us to a thankful attitude. This is the continuation of that list, beginning with step number five: 5. Help...
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Eight Steps to Thankfulness, Part 1 (Thankfulness #5)

There are eight steps we can take that will lead us to a thankful attitude. The following are the first four steps. 1. Determine to Give Thanks in All Things Thank God for the simple things. Thank Him...
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