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Fasting Day 20: Your Father Gives Good Gifts to Those Who Ask

Have you been discouraged in prayer on your fast because your causes of fasting are things you’ve sought God about for months or even years? Maybe you’ve even fasted about them before. Has the enemy whispered to you, “What’s the point?” Oh friend, you’re not alone. The first day of the fast, I struggled to see the point in coming to God yet again for desperate needs.... read more

My Apologies for the Website Issues

Shadesofgrace.org has been experiencing issues that have made the site run slow and at times, have made it temporarily unavailable. I have been working diligently to identify the problem and take appropriate measures to solve it (with  help from the terrific people at Hostek). The steps I have taken are working but have changed your experience here in the following ways: When you visit the website, you... read more

18 Free Kindle eBooks

This week there are several free Kindle eBooks available for download, including 14 FREE books by Beth Moore.  This is such a special offering (especially by Beth Moore) that I thought I’d share it here, in case you weren’t aware. 14 Free eBooks by Beth Moore  1. A Heart Like His: Intimate Reflections on the Life of David 2. Praying God’s Word: Breaking Free from Spiritual... read more

Depression (2): My Own Struggle—If It Had Not Been…

I’ve experienced clinical depression caused from both internal and external influences. During the first months of my disability, I became depressed by the sudden losses and changes in my life. Not doing anything…lying around sick all the time — it was a dramatic about face from college life at Baylor. During the week I had been busy on campus; on the weekends I ministered in churches and traveled... read more

Merry Christmas!

What a joy it is to celebrate with you the birth of Jesus, the Word of God who became flesh and made His dwelling among us! As we celebrate His life, we also celebrate the greatest gift ever offered to mankind . . . the gift of eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ who came to save His people from their sins. Did you know that we have the privilege of partaking in eternal life now? We don’t... read more

An Incredible Story of Triumph Through Tragedy!

Don’t miss this incredible story of triumph through tragedy! One year ago on December 2, 2011, I received the following prayer request from Tami.* I’m a concert violinist and music professor. The last three weeks have been tremendously difficult. My aunt was killed in a car accident on Thanksgiving Day, my mother-in-law went into the hospital and doctors have had difficulty diagnosing her... read more

Search, Shop, Dine and Share God’s Comfort

Are you taking advantage of Black Friday deals online this weekend? Or perhaps planning to purchase Christmas gifts on Cyber Monday? Did you know that with your purchases you could be sharing God’s comfort for life’s trials — without spending a penny more? With a simple click, each purchase you make can result in a donation to Shades of Grace Ministries! It’s easy and free. PLUS,... read more

Prayer and Fasting for Melinda Malloy

On May 10th, Melinda Malloy was diagnosed with breast cancer. She will have surgery at MD Anderson Friday morning, September 7.  That day  we here at Shades of Grace, along with many of Melinda’s church family and friends, will join together in prayer and fasting on her behalf. Melinda: A Snapshot Melinda is an extraordinary, amazing, godly woman and a precious friend. When I say amazing, I mean... read more

Year-End Reminder

Statistically many people do a portion of their giving at the year’s end – or give extra at year-end. If you are one of these, I’d like to remind you that the deadline for 2011 tax credit is December 31st. Online donations must be made by midnight, December 31st. Checks must be dated and postmarked by December 31 to be eligible for a 2011 tax deduction. As you make plans to give here at... read more

Merry Christmas!

Dear Friend, I join you in celebrating the birth of Jesus and thank God for your friendship. As we celebrate His life, we also celebrate the greatest gift ever offered to mankind . . . the gift of eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ. Thank you for helping us put God’s arms of love and comfort around a suffering world. Because of you, we’ve been able to share the light of life! Hurting... read more