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Let’s Get Started: Helpful Tips and Information to Begin Pursuit 21

It’s finally here! Pursuit 21—twenty-one days of experiencing God through fasting and prayer—begins today! There is no better way to launch the new year than with a Biblical fast. Just as beginning our day with prayer sets the course for the rest of the day and affects anything that might happen, so beginning the year with a fast sets the course for the rest of the year. When we... read more

Pursuit 21: Launching the New Year Right

A new year has begun! Have you thought about the desires you have for the coming year? Perhaps there are things you’d like to see happen in your life personally … or in your family … or on your job. There is something you can do these first weeks of January that will set the course for what God does in your life all year long—something that will bring you closer to God and release... read more

What’s Your Fasting Testimony? Share It and Put God on Display

What did God do as a result of your fasting and prayer? If He worked in your life in any way, take a moment to share your testimony. It will put God on display—and bless and encourage others! Anything God did is testimony-worthy! Although dramatic accounts are wonderful, they’re not the only kind that demonstrate God’s goodness and faithfulness. Anything God has done in your life—large or... read more

Praise God in Advance: The Fasting-Praising Connection

Is one of your causes for fasting an overwhelming situation that is beyond impossible? Are you powerless to do anything about it? Are you fasting because you’re desperate to enlist God’s help in solving the problem? Regardless of whether you’re fasting about minor needs or a major problem with insurmountable odds, the next step for you is the same—that of praise. It’s... read more

It’s Not Too Hard for God: Believe Again

What are your causes for fasting? Is one of them something God has given you a promise about—something He spoke to you and revealed His will about long ago, but the answer has been so delayed that you’ve given up hope of it ever being fulfilled? You’ve quit claiming God’s promised answer. You no longer expect Him to do what He said He would. In fact, you’ve given up on this... read more

Fasting Is Tasting: Better Than the Richest Feast

“Taste and see that the Lord is good.” Psalm 34:8 Fasting is tasting. It’s treasuring the words of His mouth more than our necessary food. (Job 23:12) We live not on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God. (Deut 8:3, Mt. 4:4) As we feed our spirit with what God has said to us through scripture, as we meditate on His words and are sustained by them, they become... read more

The Stewardship of Fasting by J.G. Morrison (Part 2)

In part one of this post, J.G. Morrison asserts that fasting it a stewardship—that we have been entrusted with the privilege of fasting and must be good stewards of it, utilizing it and investing it wisely for the sake of God’s kingdom and His glory. He contends that: When we sincerely fast, it enables God to do what otherwise He cannot do—for us personally, our church, our community, our... read more

A Moment of Refreshing: Enter In, Psalm 100

God has put one prayer on my heart for you today—that you will experience Him in prayer. That He will usher you into His courts and meet with you in a life-changing way! As you come before Him in prayer, may He cause you to sense His presence and see His face in a way you’ve not seen or felt on this fast. He did that for me last night in an overwhelming way through a worship song. I was at the... read more

The Stewardship of Fasting by J.G. Morrison (Part 1)

The following excerpt is from The Stewardship of Fasting by J.G. Morrison (1871-1939), who was known as the “Soldier of the Cross.” Dr. Morrison makes a compelling case for why fasting, like prayer, is a responsibility we’ve been entrusted with by God. We are responsible for all the divine power God is able to release because we fast. When God’s people practice fasting rightly, it... read more

Inspired and Impacted by Others: Quotes About Fasting and Prayer (Part Two)

The following excerpts from Richard Foster, John Piper, and Donald Whitney will instruct and inspire you as you fast! Application questions follow each except in order to help you get the most from your fasting and prayer. Richard Foster “More than any other discipline, fasting reveals the things that control us. This is a wonderful benefit to the true disciple who longs to be transformed into the image... read more