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Fasting Day 11: Fresh Inspiration From the Archives

Fasting Day Eleven Posts From the Archives: Persisting in Secret Prayer … Preparing for the Great … Can Fasting Remove Sin … Matt Chandler: The Sanctity of Human Life .. The Reward Giver … The Missing Link …   Fasting Day 11: Persisting in Secret Prayer How much did you pray this morning? How much do you tarry before the throne of God every day? This is the... read more

President Lincoln’s Proclamations of Fasting and Prayer

The inauguration of Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States, occurred last week. The festivities of the week included a Pre-Inaugural Concert at the Lincoln Memorial. President Obama’s 2009 pre-inaugural concert was held there as well. The fireworks scene at the end of the concert was breathtaking. I can only imagine what it must have been like to have been there in person. No matter... read more

Fasting Day 10: Fresh Inspiration From the Archives

Fasting Day Ten Posts From the Archives: The Power of Prayer … Answering a Fasting FAQ … Search My Heart … Dr. Elmer Towns on Fasting … A Simple Equation … Twenty-one Reasons to Fast …   Fasting Day 10: The Power of Prayer Do you truly believe in the power of prayer? Is your belief demonstrated by the amount of time you engage in prayer? If your spiritual... read more

Fasting Day 9: Fresh Inspiration From the Archives

Fasting Day Nine Posts From the Archives: A Promise to Plead … God Answers Prayer … Feeding Faith, Part 3 … Brokenness, Part 2 … More Than Food … First Fruits of the New Year …   Fasting Day 9: A Promise to Plead When George Mueller prayed, he would pray with His finger on a promise from God to plead. In The Power of Prayer and the Prayer of Power R.A.... read more

Praying for Government Leaders (3): A Guide to Praying for Your Country

The past two days, we’ve focused on praying for our government leaders. We’ve prayed for the president, and his cabinet. And we’ve prayed for local, state, and federal government leaders using a prayer guide with scriptural basis for each request. Today we’ll be praying for our country using the guide below. God cannot bless a nation that turns from Him. Doing what is right,... read more

Fasting Day 8: Fresh Inspiration From the Archives

Fasting Day Eight Posts From the Archives: Gaining Thirst … Feeding Faith, Part 2 … Brokenness, Part 1 … God Fills the Hungry …   Fasting Day 8: Gaining Thirst Are you fasting but your spiritual thirst isn’t increasing? If your desire for God and His Word hasn’t changed, there’s something simple, yet so powerful, that you can do. If this is... read more

Praying for Government Leaders (Part 2): A Prayer Guide

As believers, we’re instructed to pray for “kings and all those in authority” (1 Timothy 2:2). It is our duty and responsibility to pray for our government leaders. Part One of this post included a prayer for the president of the United States and his cabinet. These prayer points and scripture references can serve as a guide as you pray for all government leaders—from your local leaders... read more

Praying for Government Leaders (Part 1): A Prayer for the President

It’s fitting that at this time, we pray for the president, for our leaders in government, and for the nation. Pursuit 21 participants represent at least forty countries on six continents. If you’re joining us from another country today, the prayer guides in this and ensuing posts can be used to pray for the government leaders in your country as well. Government as a Priority in Prayer The... read more

Countering the Enemy’s Offensive (Part 2): Let God War and Work

Your fasting and prayer are making a difference, upsetting power structures, and effecting the outcome of spiritual battles. Fasting puts the power of God at work. It agitates Satan and demon spirits. Therefore, as was discussed in Part One of this post, the enemy is going to launch an attack against you. Powers of darkness will go on the offensive against you. Opposition to Samuel and the... read more

Countering the Enemy’s Offensive (Part 1): Don’t Stop Fasting Prematurely

There’s one thing you must know if you’re going to be successful on your fast—the enemy is going to launch an attack against you. Powers of darkness will go on the offensive against you. They’ll send everything in their arsenal your way in an attempt to discourage you and cause you to abandon your fast. The bottom line is this: Expect resistance from the enemy! Know in advance... read more