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Sharing God’s Touch With Others

Were you blessed by the content published during Pursuit 21? Were you inspired to pray and pursue God? Motivated to prioritize God’s word? Taught how to wage war with God’s personal...
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Your Story Matters: Take a Moment to Share It

What did God do in your life during your season of prayer and fasting? If He worked in your life in any way, take a moment to share your story. Why? Because your story matters! You may think that your...
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Waging War With Your Promise

What are the needs and problems you have been praying about during the fast? Do you have a word from God about them? If not, have you asked God to speak to you through scripture about each need? Having a...
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Bite-Size Encouragements to Being a Person of Prayer

Do you want your life to count for God? Then become a person of prayer! As Billy Graham says, “Every man or woman whose life has ever counted for God has been a person of prayer.” May the...
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A Living Sacrifice: The Real Issue by Dr. Charles Stanley

Do you want to get everything you can from the fast before it’s over? Do you want to seize the time and squeeze all the good you can from it? Have you asked God not to let you miss anything He has...
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Training to Pray With Great Power

Do you see great men and women of prayer and long to be that kind of prayer warrior? Do you want your prayer life to produce the same quantity and quality of fruit that theirs does? It doesn’t come...
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Everything in Us That Will Not Seek the Lord

I believe God has a word from us from 2 Chronicles 14 and 15, especially as we seek Him in prayer and fasting. So let’s dive right in. At first, a little background…. Background: Asa’s...
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Fresh Inspiration: Fasting Week Three From the Archives

Fresh inspiration and encouragement are waiting for you in the archives. Week three of the fasting archives contains over sixty articles. I’ve listed them below and grouped them by day for your...
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Prioritizing God’s Word: No More Dust on the Bible

“I rejoice at Your word as one who finds great treasure.” Psalm 119:162, NKJV Have you checked social media today, and text messages, and emails, and the latest news and current events, and...
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