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Praying After You Have Received Your Promise

What personal promises has God given you? Perhaps He has given you promises for your children, your marriage, your health, your career, your ministry—and He has asked you to respond in faith and believe Him to do what He promised. Do you believe that in such an instance, prayer is out of line? Do you feel that you would be acting in unbelief if you now prayed about it? Or do you think that your only... read more

Waging War With Your Promise

What are the needs and problems you have been praying about during the fast? Do you have a word from God about them? If not, have you asked God to speak to you through scripture about each need? Having a word from God about your need is the starting point, not the ending point, of receiving an answer to your prayers. Now that you have a word, what do you do? Do you just sit idly by and wait till God... read more

It’s Not Too Hard for God: Believe Again

What are your causes for fasting? Is one of them something God has given you a promise about—something He spoke to you and revealed His will about long ago, but the answer has been so delayed that you’ve given up hope of it ever being fulfilled? You’ve quit claiming God’s promised answer. You no longer expect Him to do what He said He would. In fact, you’ve given up on this... read more

Your Faith: The Enemy’s #1 Target

It is vital that we live by faith. The enemy of your soul knows this and daily pulls out all the stops to attempt to keep you from living by faith. The following are ten reasons why your faith is Satan’s number one target in your life. 1. Faith is how you perform the works of God. In John chapter 6, people asked Jesus what they could do to do the works God requires: “28 Then they asked him,... read more

The Ultimate Test of Faith: David Wilkerson Sermon

God lovingly allows us to go through tests in life in order to build our faith – to test and prove us to see what is in our heart.  We tend to crack under the pressure and respond in unbelief. We look at the scenario through human eyes rather than the word of God. How are you responding to your current test of faith? Are you trembling in fear or marching ahead in confidence in the revealed word of... read more

Fasting Day 12: Entering God’s Rest

Fasting is resting. Fasting gives our body rest from food and digestion.  Our bodies aren’t at their peak when they are involved in digesting food. Our systems were designed to have periodic rest. When we give our body a break from food, it can focus energy on cleanup and removing toxins. As we give our bodies a break from food and detach from our normal routines in order to spend time with God, we... read more

Fasting Day 8: Feeding Faith, Part Two

When we fast and pray, the first thing that needs to change, that needs to come out of us, is our unbelief. Fasting Day 7: Feeding Faith, Part 1 took a look at a man in the Bible whose son suffered severely from seizures. Today, as you and I face a new year, we aren’t all that different from this man. We are burdened by severe situations—scenarios that are in serious need of a supernatural... read more

The Window of Faith: Sermon by David Wilkerson

Over the past decade, God has spoken to me time and again through David Wilkerson’s messages. I received them via print subscription for years. Only last summer did I discover the vast wealth of audio and video sermons that exist online. Since that time, I keep them loaded in my car, my iPhone/iPod and my computer. There is a rare honesty in the Times Square Church messages regarding Biblical truth... read more

God Promised: Do I Still Pray About It?

The Holy Spirit woke me last Friday with Acts 9, the story of Saul’s conversion. As He opened the scriptures, I was struck by new things in this familiar story. Among them a principle the Lord has been driving home to me lately—that God-given promises and visions require prayer. Even when we respond in faith, confessing, believing, expecting God to act—prayer is still vital. As we pray in... read more