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A Moment of Refreshing: Enter In, Psalm 100

Enter-In, Psalm 100

God has put one prayer on my heart for you today—that you will experience Him in prayer. That He will usher you into His courts and meet with you in a life-changing way! As you come before Him in prayer, may He cause you to sense His presence and see His face in a way you’ve not seen or felt on this fast.

He did that for me last night in an overwhelming way through a worship song. I was at the kitchen sink when it began playing. From the moment I turned the faucet off to listen, the rest of my night was changed. The Holy Spirit escorted me into the courts of the King for a time of worship and prayer like I had not experienced on this fast, or for that matter, in months. It was grace. Sheer grace.

Compacted trials of the past few years have affected my health and depleted me in every way. I’ve been drained dry physically, mentally, financially, and yes, spiritually. Consequently, my Ezekiel 37 bones that were already too dry to function prior to the devastation of the past few years have now been treated to a few dozen trips to the crematorium. What were mere dry bones have become pulverized ash.

I can live with deficits in the other areas of my life—physical, financial, emotional—but not spiritual. The spiritual drought has been miserable. God has been speaking to me daily. There has not been an absence of His voice. The absence has been in my ‘feeling.’  I haven’t had the physical energy to linger and labor in prayer like I used to. With around the clock caregiving responsibilities and a body badly broken, I lost my ‘feeler’. I lost the energy to feel passion for anything, be it music, nature, art … or worship, prayer, and scripture meditation.

Until God does what He promised me, revives my dry bones, and brings me back to life (which He is going to do!), I’m helpless. I cannot work up enjoyment of His presence. It has to be imparted by His Spirit. I cannot muster the energy to feel deep worship and adoration. It has to be given by heavenly IV infusion. Even at my sickest and weakest, flat on my back, and too weak to hold a Bible, I always felt passion, excitement, and inexpressible love for God and His Word. But not now. Not the past few years. I am utterly dependent on His anointing in a way I’ve never been before. His anointing has to overcome my deadness … moment by moment.

And last night it did. Last night He gave me a desire to linger for hours in prayer (while sick with the flu, mind you). He gave me the desire and the supernatural energy to fall before Him in tearful worship and adoration. It was Him. All Him. … And He chose to use a YouTube video. (This is one reason I’m so grateful for fasting. Had I not been fasting, I would have missed this blessing! I would have had news on in the background… not worship music.)

I can’t wait to share that video with you below! Beloved, whether God uses this song or another, may He meet You in prayer today!

May He usher you into His presence where dry bones are revived and dry spirits refreshed. May He fill you with His spirit of grace and supplication. (Zech. 12:10). May He give you the grace to worship Him. May He show you such a glimpse of His face that you’re overwhelmed with awe and adoration! In the light of His glory, may everything else fade away—even your causes for fasting. May it all be about Him and only Him!

Psalm 100

“Enter His gates with a song of thanksgiving
And His courts with praise.
Be thankful to Him, bless and praise His name.”
Psalm 100:4, AMP

Father, we enter Your gates with a song of thanksgiving. We lift our hands in worship and bless Your name. We thank you and praise You for who you are.

You are God present with us. You’re our sacrifice for sin … our salvation … our shepherd … our sustainer  … our peace … our provider … our present help in trouble … our song and the voice with which we sing! You are our everything!

“For the Lord is good and his love endures forever;
his faithfulness continues through all generations.”
Psalm 100: 5, NIV

We shout joyfully to you, Lord! You’re more good than we can possibly imagine! Your love endures forever!

So we enter in to Your presence today just to bless Your name. We lift up holy hands and honor You, amazing, magnificent, breath-taking King. You will reign forever!

You are worthy to receive honor and glory and power and riches and wisdom and strength! Blessing and honor and glory and dominion to the One seated on the throne, and to the Lamb, forever and ever! (Rev. 5:12-13)

Moment of Worship: Psalm 100 (Enter In)

Psalm 100 (Enter In)
Featuring Charity Gayle, Joshua Sherman, and Steven Musso
From the Album: Lord You Are My Song

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Question: Did this song usher you into the courts of the King? What did you feel when you got there? Worship? Adoration? Awe? Gratitude? Joy?




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  1. Michelle says:

    I was going through the same spiritual state you were speaking….where you said…"God has been speaking to me daily. There has not been an absence of His voice. The absence has been in my ‘feeling.’ I haven’t had the physical energy to linger and labor in prayer like I used to." But may I tell you my dear sister in Christ…..God did not use the song, for me He used your blog…. i just broke into tears after reading your blog. He made me realize that He is seeing my every struggle and He will pour out His Spirit and give me His presence once again. I Thank You Lord for using this dear sister in Christ… may You continue to bless her and use her mightily for Your kingdom.

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