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Walking Through the Valley: The Scott Brodie Story

Scott Brodie, an avid athlete, received devastating news. Lou Gehrig’s disease was rapidly paralyzing him and would take his life within two to five years. Yet, thirteen years later, Scott, his wife and children maintain their faith and joy in Christ. God’s promises have been their hope and strength. In Walking Through the Valley, Scott shares how to hope in God when life’s circumstances contradict all hope.Be inspired to find hope and joy – no matter what you are facing!

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Questions: Could you walk through such suffering and still dance in the kitchen? Why or why not? How did God adjust your perspective of life through Scott’s story?




“I told God I would rather die and go home to heaven – I was tired of fighting.” Scott Brodie was weary and depressed. Years earlier as a young man, Scott was an accomplished athlete. His life really seemed to be taking off…especially after marrying Glennis, an aerobics instructor at the gym where they both worked. But soon after, Scott and Glennis and their four children faced something they never could have imagined …

Diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), Scott was given just two to five years to live. For over 13 years Scott has maintained his faith and joy in Christ while walking through the valley of the shadow of death. Yielded fully to God’s control, Scott has received peace and strength through God’s promises. As with Abraham, God has enabled Scott to hope in Him when circumstances contradict all hope. Walking Through the Valley presents the moving life story of Scott Brodie…

Be inspired to find hope, contentment and promise in Christ – no matter what you are facing!