Fasting Day 8: Brokenness, Part 1

In yesterday’s post, missionary and guest author Hannah Dillon described the containers Ghanians use to store their treasures. Since the clay jars they use are too narrow at the top for a hand to...
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Fasting Day 7: Treasure in a Clay Jar

From Natalie: This is a guest post by Hannah Dillon. Hannah wrote this article when she was a missionary in Ghana with Every Child Ministries. You can follow her on Facebook. I’ve learned that if...
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Fasting Day 6: Following in the Footsteps of our Heroes

As you fast and pray, you are walking in the footsteps of our Biblical heroes of the faith. All of the greats of the Bible fasted! They committed themselves to a higher standard of discipline in order to...
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Fasting Day 5: Renewal in the Desert

  Sometimes our relationship with God seems distant. We feel empty, like we’re in a spiritual desert. Have you been dry spiritually? Do you feel like you’re in a desert season –...
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Fasting Day 4: Holiness … What is It Really?

From Natalie: This is a guest post by Angela Morgan. Angela’s deep faith and undying passion for Jesus are a personal inspiration to me. She co-led the Concert of Prayer event as part of the...
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Fasting Day 3: The Purpose of Fasting

According to Isaiah 58:4, the purpose of fasting is “to make your voice heard on high.” When we fast with the right motives, our voice is heard in heaven. In other words, we come into God’s...
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Fasting Day 2: The Principle of Fasting

What is fasting? Is it really worth the sacrifice? Let’s break it down and see why the reward outweighs the investment. Fasting Defined: Fasting is setting aside some form of physical gratification,...
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Fasting Day 1: A Moment of Worship

Friday afternoon, I went for a walk to pray for Pursuit 21 and everyone participating. As one particular song began playing on my iPod, God gave me perspective: HIMSELF! Heaven and earth seemed to...
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Welcome to Pursuit 21!

Welcome to Pursuit 21! I’m excited that you have decided to take the next step in your spiritual walk through the life-changing principal of fasting! Fasting is a principle that God intended for...
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