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180: A Shocking, Award Winning Documentary

180 is a gripping, disarming, eye-opening movie!  With compelling logic and eternal truth, Ray Comfort exposes the holocaust in America. Watch it, share it and save lives! Warning: This movie contains graphic images. Parents, please watch the movie first and then decide if your children are mature enough to watch it. 180 Movie Endorsements: “I give my unflinching, joyful, trembling Yes to ‘180’.... read more

Right to Die Billboard Campaign Sparks Debate, Jack #4

A bold sign placed strategically on a busy New Jersey highway — “My Life   My Death   My Choice” – is part of a “right to die” billboard campaign by Final Exit Network. The network claims the ads are aimed at people suffering from terminal illness, usually the elderly. The billboard, along with one in San Francisco and another planned for Florida,... read more

Scott Brodie: Answers and Inspiration, Jack #3

Do you feel like you can’t get a break in life? Are you tired of life’s constant struggles? Does it seem like circumstances are too tough—too insurmountable? Scott Brodie has a word of encouragement for you today. This post is part of a series on assisted suicide — but don’t let that keep you from perusing. No matter the topic, these videotaped excerpts from the Brodie home will bless... read more

We Know Jack: Dr. Death Deals a Blow to Americans’ Healthcare Coverage, #2

Jenni Murray made a pact with death. The popular presenter of BBC Radio 4’s “Woman’s Hour,” has made plans to end her life if she becomes a burden to her family. Jenni spoke of her pact on a television documentary called “Don’t Get Me Started,” broadcast in Great Britain. Murray announced on the program that she had entered into a “suicide pact” with two... read more

We Know Jack: The Case Against Assisted Suicide, #1

How Hollywood’s poster boy is endangering your life and the lives of your loved ones. I wasn’t feeling well, yet persevered through Wal-Mart to buy five goldfish for my dad for Father’s Day. Two days earlier, he handed my mother a list of items he wanted from the grocery store – from Kroger, mind you.  Not Wal-Mart. On his list were toiletries and five gold fish. Mom presumed he meant goldfish... read more

Scott Brodie to Guest Post

I am so excited! I just heard the news that Scott Brodie is indeed going to write a guest post. Last Friday I saw a brief segment of Larry King on which he interviewed Jack Kevorkian. It made me sick! God immediately gave me the idea of calling Scott Brodie to ask him to watch the next airing of the Kevorkian interview and write a response to be posted here. After a sweet visit with Scott and his wife... read more