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Should We Stop Asking Jesus Into Our Hearts?

Have you seen the YouTube video in which David Platt says that accepting Jesus in your heart is superstitious and unbiblical? (See below.)   The Basis for This Concern The concern at the core of this issue is that many people with a background of cultural Christianity — people whose lives lack evidence of genuine conversion — are deriving assurance from words spoken, not from a heart... read more

Tired of Not Evangelizing But Too Afraid to Change?

  Do you struggle with evangelism? Have you made a commitment to be a better personal evangelist this year? Perhaps you made this commitment as you engaged in fasting and prayer with Pursuit 21. Below is an excerpt from an encouraging post I recently read. Not Alone The day before the fast began, I got on my face before the Lord in prayer, led by the Spirit to ask God what goals He wanted me to set... read more

My Surprise Visitor

I was pleasantly surprised today when a young lady came by my house.   We met two years ago, September 5, 2007, under grim circumstances.  The first thing I heard was her voice, screaming in the night…  The following story recounts that life-changing evening: As the flames crept closer and closer all she could do was scream … It was a Wednesday night I will never forget – because it changed... read more