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Prioritizing God’s Word: No More Dust on the Bible

“I rejoice at Your word as one who finds great treasure.” Psalm 119:162, NKJV Have you checked social media today, and text messages, and emails, and the latest news and current events, and perused a magazine … but haven’t cracked open your Bible? Is this your daily habit—to check texts, email, social media, and news updates several times a day and consume hosts of worthless... read more

I Will Run to You: A Prayer of Pursuit

God put you and I on the earth at this time in history, in the exact places where we live—so that we might seek Him! And He promised that when we seek Him with our whole heart, we will find Him! (Jer. 29:13) It is no accident that you and I are alive today in an age when there is such a thing as the internet, when we can join together in prayer and fasting. God custom designed the details so that... read more

In Good Company (Part Three): The Examples of Historical Church Leaders

From the New Testament church to modern times, church history has contained leaders who were men and women of prevailing prayer intensified by fasting. The fruit from their lives testifies to the God-given power of fasting and prayer. We can glean a lot from their examples. In Mighty Prevailing Prayer, Wesley Duewel mentions a few of these church leaders and prayer warriors from history: Jesus, speaking... read more

Fresh Inspiration: Fasting Week Two From the Archives

Fresh inspiration and encouragement are waiting for you in the archives. Week two of the fasting archives contains fifty articles. I’ve listed them below and grouped them by day for your convenience. The content in these posts will guide and motivate you as you pray—and give you tips and direction that will help you keep your fast and get the most from it. This webpage will be an excellent... read more

In Good Company (Part Two): Fasting in the Early Church

Fasting was a vital part of the New Testament church, which practiced fasting both as individuals and as collective groups. Combined with prayer, fasting contributed to the growth, development, and power of the church. The Holy Spirit gave the direction and the power needed for effective ministry in the New Testament as a result of the believer’s prayer and fasting. God has not changed—when we... read more

In Good Company (Part One): Fasting, A Biblical Survey

Christians are often surprised to discover that fasting was prominent in the Bible. In all our study of the Bible, I don’t know how we could have missed this fact. It’s as if, while we read the Bible, our eyes momentarily went blind when we reached the parts about fasting. Perhaps our surprise is because of our preoccupation with entertainment—perhaps we’re spending less time... read more

Perfect Solitude: Following Our Master’s Steps

Prayer is one of the most noted characteristics of Jesus’ life. Prayer marked His beginning — at His baptism it was “while He prayed” that “heaven opened” and the Holy Spirit descended (Lu.3:21-22). And prayer marked the end as well: As He took His final breaths in flesh, Jesus continued praying (Mt. 27:46; Lu 23:34,36). Prayer was a constant throughout his ministry. As the Gospels tell... read more

God Determines our Steps, Part Two: A Personal Photo Journey

In the previous post, I shared how God turned my plans for last year upside down through caring for my dad in his illness and hospitalizations. The change of plans affected everything, even Pursuit 21. I always like seeing faces of the people my friends tell me about. One friend of mine sends me pictures by text so that I can visualize who she is asking me to pray for. Several of you who know about my... read more

God Determines Our Steps, Part One: Plans Turned Upside Down

Seven months have passed, and not a word from me here. I haven’t been intentionally absent or rude. It’s just that last year was not the year I planned. Everything I envisioned for the year was turned upside down. Perhaps your year ended up the same way. “We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps.” Proverbs 16:9, NLT Did you have plans for last year that got uprooted?... read more

Fresh Inspiration: Fasting Week One From the Archives

Fresh inspiration and encouragement are awaiting you in the archives as you fast. Week one of the archives alone contains over 60 articles. I’ve listed them below and grouped them by day for your convenience. (I’ll be posting a weekly archive list like this each week of the fast.) The content in these posts will guide and motivate you as you pray—and give you tips and direction that will... read more