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Fasting Day 5: Fresh Inspiration From the Archives

Fasting Day Five Posts From the Archives: Countering the Enemy’s Offensive (Part 2): Let God War and Work … Praise You, Jesus: Alphabet of Praise, Part 2 … Fasting Day 5: Six Encouraging Reminders … Fasting Day 5: Expecting Anointing … Fasting Day 5: Renewal in the Desert   Countering the Enemy’s Offensive (Part 2): Let God War and Work Your fasting and prayer... read more

An Outline for Repentance, Part 2: Sins of Omission

In the past two posts, we saw how vital it is that we repent of our sins. Today we begin the first step toward repentance—reflecting on our lives with prayerful self-examination, looking back over our past history and considering our actions and motives. (If you missed Part One of this post, I encourage you to read it before proceeding.) Our sins were committed one by one. And as much as possible,... read more

Ascending the Hill of the Lord: An Outline for Repentance, Part 1

In yesterday’s post, we saw that sin can prevent God from hearing our prayers. If we want God to hear our plea as we fast, we must repent—confess our sins to Him, ask His forgiveness, and forsake our sin. I was going to write on another topic today, but I felt led to pause here. It’s critical that we let God give us clean hands and a pure heart, if we want to enter His presence with our... read more

Fasting Day 2: So That God Will Hear

It is a possibility that even though we’re fasting, God might not hear our plea.<?p> “Yikes!” you gasp. “You mean I could be miserable doing without my caffeine and comfort foods, and it could all be a waste? How is that even possible?” It can happen if we skip over the foundation of fasting—repentance. So before we go any further in our twenty-one days of... read more

It’s Day One! Let’s Prepare for the Privilege

Today is the first day of Pursuit 21! The adventure begins! We’re about to experience God in a powerful way as we give Him the first of our year through prayer and fasting. If you’re on this twenty-one day journey of pursuing Jesus through fasting and prayer, you’ve set yourself up to experience Him in a new, fresh way. Perhaps you want more of God this year. Maybe you need direction,... read more

Heavenly Father, We Welcome You Into the New Year (Part Two)

Heavenly Father, we welcome Your presence, power, and promise into our lives in the new year: We Welcome Your Provision for Our Every Need Father, You promised to meet all our needs. You said You “will” meet our needs, not You “might.” It’s a certainty. And You said You would meet “all” our needs, not just “some” of them. We realize You did not... read more

Heavenly Father, We Welcome You Into the New Year (Part One)

Heavenly Father, we welcome You and the things You have planned for the coming year. We welcome Your kingdom and say Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. We welcome Your presence, power, and promise into our lives in this new year: We Welcome You to Our Lives Father, we welcome You to our hearts, our time, our values, our possessions, our moments, our days, our nights, our present, our future.... read more

Seek God First and Set Your Course for the New Year

Are there things you want God to do in the coming year—things in your life, your finances, your job, your relationships? Perhaps there is a breakthrough you desperately want God to give in your life or a that of a friend or family member. There is something you can do this month that will set the course for what God does in your life throughout 2018 — something that will bring you closer to God... read more

Thank You for Sharing the Greatest Gift!

Here at Christmas, we’re celebrating the birth of Jesus and the greatest gift ever offered to mankind—the gift of eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ who came to save His people from their sins. “She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins.” Matthew 1:21 The Bible promises that when we ask God for... read more

Thankfulness Training: 7 Lessons in Gratitude

Is it a struggle for you to choose to be thankful? Thankfulness Training is a 7-part series that helps us (even us perfectionists) develop the practice of gratitude. The following are excerpts from this series: Thankfulness Training: Confessions of a Perfectionist The First Perfectionist and His Impact on Your Attitude of Gratitude Why Your Joy is Dependent Upon Giving Thanks The One Place Discouragement... read more